Qualitative Interviews

  • What is the psychographic and attitudinal trait of a consumer?
  • What are the choice parameters?
  • What are the key factors influencing purchase of a product?
  • What are the drivers / barriers of adoption?
  • What are the factors for which the customers are willing to pay a premium?
  • What are the key elements to provide a comprehensive user experience?
  • What are the brand’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • How likely are customers to recommend your brand and why?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Healthcare consumer survey to assess unmet needs, pain points and spend
  • Orthopedic specific medical device manufacturer’s competitive benchmarking to understand offerings and identify opportunities
  • Customer feedback and positioning of a D2C consumer durables company
  • Market analysis of women’s intimate wear in India
  • Understand customer needs and KPC to improve overall attractiveness of technology offering in CRM space
  • Competitive tracking of Indian grocery players to identify key leaders across key success factors
  • Identifying new opportunities in online food ordering business using primary conversations
  • Understand customer journey for a polymer manufacturing firm, specifying key pain points and improvement areas
  • Qualitative research to develop customer segments in the internet first nutrition landscape
  • Student and parent research to understand demand for coding platforms for kids
  • Sub-broker preferences for online brokerage platforms
  • Qualitative research on retention improvement for a major millennial housing player
  • Journey mapping for new-age corporate workplace design
  • Understanding customers of logistics platforms
  • Channel preference in housing finance
  • Mapping customer service expectations for a medical device company
  • Understand buying preferences and behavior for MRO products

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