Price Sensitivity Analysis

  • What is the price positioning w.r.t. competition of a product in the market? 
  • What are the directly competing products in the market? Who are the peripheral / indirect competitors?
  • Does the price positioning resonate with targeted customer segments?
  • How does the target compare w.r.t. competition in discounting and promotional schemes?
  • What is the margin for commanding premium?
  • What is the relation between the features of the product and the price range?
  • How do customer segments and behaviors vary with the price?
  • What are the factors for which customers are willing to pay a premium?
  • Are the customers willing to renew the services? At what price?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Consumer preferences and price sensitivity analysis
  • Consumer preferences and price sensitivity analysis for building & home materials industry
  • Price benchmarking of grocery store SKUs across retail formats
  • Price sensitivity analysis and its drivers for a major online-first health supplements player
  • Quantitative survey to understand price sensitivity of customers to different offerings for an internet first, cosmetics brand  
  • Price benchmarking & sensitivity analysis b/w different channels like ecommerce platform vs local, branded & modern retail

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