NPS Diagnostic

  • How likely is the customer to promote    the brand?
  • How does the NPS vary across regions and products and how does it compare with key competitors? 
  • What are the key reasons for a customer to be a promoter / detractor? 
  • What are the improvement areas across product categories? 
  • What is the level of stickiness across product categories? 
  • What are the triggers that would make customers shift to another        brand? 
  • What are the relative strengths and weaknesses that have the highest impact on NPS? 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Evaluate patient NPS for a large national diagnostic chain in India
  • Dairy consumer NPS study
  • NPS study to understand drivers of promotion and detractors for a large electronic store chain
  • Quantitative survey to evaluate Traveller’s Awareness, Mindset & Search points and impact on NPS
  • Qualitative survey to understand buyer NPS and compare against competition for a global provider of networking solutions
  • Merchant NPS diagnostic and improvement for an online coupons and discounts players
  • Commercial due diligence for eating-out platform including NPS diagnostics on various platforms
  • Conducting a farmer NPS study for an AgriTech company in agricultural inputs and outputs space
  • Quantitative survey to understand NPS and reasons for variation among online personal care brands
  • User study to benchmark preferences and adoption of upskilling platforms
  • NPS study for Insurtech player
  • NPS study for NBFC player across various loan products
  • Customer NPS diagnostic of a cab aggregator
  • Benchmarking of co-living survey basis NPS and value proposition to homeowners
  • Understanding feedback of Indian e-commerce logistics players
  • NPS study for a large hospital for its various services
  • Diagnostic research for platform facilitating exchange of tractors

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