Forward Trends Analysis

  • Can the brand expand into natural adjacencies – what is the future share of wallet?
  • How can the company understand / capitalize on emerging needs and deepen relevance to increase the future share of wallet?
  • How to identify loyal customers to increase the share of wallet?
  • Which customer / customer segment will subscribe to the new product, given their earlier purchase history with the company?
  • Is there an opportunity to cross-sell to increase the future share of wallet?
  • Does the sales force have a plan to grow customers’ wallets and get a larger share of wallet in future?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Customer behavior and preference study for personal care brands
  • Understanding the potential for user acquisition for a vernacular news platform
  • Identifying forward trends in the online food ordering business using qualitative research
  • Quantitative survey to understand spending patterns of its student customers (> 22 years of age) and their future needs for an internet first, electronics brand  

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