Digital Maturity Assessment

  • What is the current penetration of digital usage across various demographic parameters?
  • What are the key drivers for digital adoption?
  • What are the bottlenecks to digital adoption?
  • What are the KPC for going digital as compared to traditional modes?
  • What is the impact of incentives e.g. cashback, offers, etc. to drive adoption of digital modes?
  • Which touch points in digital journey be made seamless to increase adoption?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Partner journey mapping for a leading hospitality tech brand
  • Digital maturity assessment of prospective customer group of a large financial software provider
  • Conducting a quantitative research to understand adoption of digital apps amongst farmers
  • Preference and adoption of digital process across supply chain participants
  • Preference and adoption of digital app for public transportation
  • Digital maturity assessment of intra-city bus ecosystem in India
  • Preference and adoption of digital payments apps
  • Assess digital solution provided by growing WMC

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