Marketing and Campaign Evaluation

  • What is the advertising reach across modes and customer segments?
  • How does the advertising reach compare with competition? What is the customer recall?
  • What is the frequency of advertising vis-à-vis competition? 
  • What is the click-through rate of digital advertising for various products and customer segments? How does it compare with benchmarks?  
  • What is the propensity to induce enquiry and trial? 
  • What is the ROI on advertising overall, and on specific campaigns? 
  • What is the impact on the overall brand? 
  • Are the campaign objectives and spend mix aligned with the overall business goals?
  • Are the key messages of the campaign being received and understood by customers?  
  • What is the reach/ click-through rate of the campaign, and what is the cost per customer reachout? 
  • What is the cost per enquiry/ lead/ trial? 
  • What is the actual commercial value of the campaign? 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Understand effectiveness of a campaign pre and post advertising
  • Brand track and campaign evaluation for baby / kids products for young parents
  • Marketing spend evaluation / optimization for a leading internet first pizza brand
  • User survey for Conversational Messaging Platform
  • Dairy consumer NPS study post marketing campaign
  • Evaluate effectiveness of a marketing campaign to understand impact and perception among online learners

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