Customer and Supplier Journeys

  • What are the main touch points in customer journey across different product categories?
  • How does the customer journey originate (digitally, own sales team, agent, etc.)?
  • How is the experience with the customer support across different banks / FIs?
  • What was the level of dependence on the bank / FI personnel across different touch points?
  • What are the specific pain points and areas for improvement at different touch points?
  • What is the level of satisfaction on different touch points during the journey?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Understand CT scan needs of established standalone diagnostic labs, government hospitals, large hospitals, medical institutes, small and medium hospitals, small standalone diagnostic lab
  • Opportunity analysis in supply chain financing for building & home materials
  • Customer & supplier journey mapping for an online cosmetics platform
  • Detailing the customer and supplier journey for a vertical-specific SaaS company in logistics
  • Conducting a qualitative ethnographic research to understand farmer, dealer & aggregator journey in purchase and sale of exchange tractors
  • Analysing process journey for a 3PL player
  • Opportunity analysis in supply chain financing
  • Analyze needs and pain points across the supplier journey of restaurant partners for an online food delivery aggregator
  • Market assessment of AI based construction start-up
  • Reducing the pre-delivery returns of a major B2C e-commerce players in India
  • Evaluate the needs and pain points of teachers using specific EdTech platforms
  • Understand customer hotel booking behaviour and preferences key selection criteria
  • Understanding pain points and hidden nuances from the perspective of buyers as well as sellers
  • Understanding the supplier value proposition of social commerce platform

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