Customer Sub-Segmentation

  • What are the key purchase criteria and usage preferences of various customers? 
  • How do customers evaluate alternative options and select the product and service provider? 
  • What is the level of research undertaken before buying a product / service? 
  • What factors influence the customers’ decision? 
  • What are the key behavioural attributes of customers? 
  • How open is the customer to try new experiences?
  • How do these vary by key demographic parameters – age, gender, income, occupation, etc.?
  • What are the key 4-5 personas which emerge, and how is the brand competitively positioned in each of them? 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Development of marketing personas based on demographics, travel patterns, awareness, booking habits for a SEA-based online travel aggregator
  • Customer persona and need identification for adjacent opportunities in online food ordering
  • Customer segmentation and behavior study for an online cosmetics brand
  • Ed-tech customer sub-segmentation strategy for under-privileged children in India
  • Identify various user archetypes of a cash management platform
  • Customer sub-segmentation for insulin delivery devices
  • Consumer behavior and travel characteristic study for a leading bike taxi platform
  • Blue collar workers sub-segmentation to understand value proposition for a major real estate tech player in India
  • Evaluate customer behaviour, churn reasons and NPS for a leading FoodTech player
  • Opportunity analysis in customer personas and identifying their preferences
  • Customer sub-segmentation for a radiology player
  • Derive key customer personas and segments by studying online food ordering patterns for a FoodTech player

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