Competitive Benchmarking

  • What does the competitive landscape look like in each product category?
  • What are the differentiating features of the successful products / services from the competition?
  • How do our existing offerings compare to those of the competition?
  • In which customer segments are we strong vis-à-vis competition?
  • Where does the brand win against competitors and where does it lag?
  • What is the potential value upside in the target market? 
  • What is the customer acquisition cost compared to competitors?
  • What is the break-even scale and time taken to reach breakeven vis-à-vis competition? 
  • How do the unit economics vary vis-à-vis competition?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Competitive Benchmarking for a 4W Passenger Vehicle OEM
  • Benchmarking of competitors in terms of services provided, pricing, and revenue
  • Enhancing means to livelihood opportunities for Anganwadi Workers in Rural
  • Increasing technology adoption in intra-city bus ecosystem to optimize travel times for commuters
  • Orthopedic specific medical device manufacturer’s competitive benchmarking to understand offerings and identify opportunities
  • Price Benchmarking for Ecommerce platform Vs Local retail, Branded Retail, Modern Retail
  • Streaming platforms assessment & market landscape
  • Competitive intelligence for an online grocery player
  • Benchmark service offerings provided by different technology companies in cloud
  • Benchmarking price and margin of a dyes & pigments offered by vendor / distributor in the market
  • Product benchmarking across market leaders in EdTech across segments
  • Deep dive on supply chain of oil industry
  • Competitive benchmarking for an emerging B2B tech services provider
  • Competitive benchmarking of players in the home improvement market
  • Deep dive on Indian Fintech Broking industry

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