• TAM/SAM estimation 

  • Segmentation and consumer behavior 

  • Adoption drivers and barriers 

  • Market and technology trends 

  • Competitive landscape  

  • Regulatory landscape and government actions 

  • Market entry assessment 

  • New segment assessment 

  • New geography assessment 

  • M&A Landscape Scan 

  • B-plan Validation  


Relevant Case Studies

  • Market analysis of sleepwear and loungewear market in India
  • Market analysis of women’s intimate wear in India
  • Commercial due diligence for eating-out platform? including NPS diagnostics on various platforms
  • Empowering CSR arm of a FMCG company to identify viable solutions to combat COVID-19
  • Enabling a philanthropic fund house to improve farming outcomes for marginalized farmers
  • Mapping thinking process for taking online gold loan
  • Market potential assessment for a metal fabrication aggregator
  • Market assessment study of Indian e-commerce logistics
  • Market assessment for opportunities in supply chain financing in B2B commerce

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