B2B Edge

  • B2B Quantitative survey 

  • B2B Qualitative Research 

  • Share of Wallet Analysis 

  • Customer Retention Analysis 

  • NPS Health Check 

  • Account Potential Assessment 

  • Contract Benchmarking  

  • Sales Force Productivity 

  • Retail Store Audits 

  • Retail Measurement Service (RMS) 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Due Diligence of a B2B medical supplier to understand their procurement practices and potential across different product categories
  • B2B opportunities assessment in Indian apparel market
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software for hospitals / medical centers to effectively manage procurement needs
  • Concept validation of Human Resource Management System for corporates to meet their existing needs
  • Mapping the process of raw material replenishment in specialty chemicals manufacturing plant
  • Mapping the vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process
  • Digital audit of a leading FMCG company
  • Identifying investment patterns of customers
  • Competitive benchmarking for an emerging B2B tech services provider
  • Concept validation for new product launch by digital lender
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software
  • Market assessment for opportunities in supply chain financing in B2B commerce
  • Vendor selection for a B2B medical supplier by understanding the procurement practices

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