Vendor Selection

  • What is the checklist for evaluation of vendor for the required product / service? 
  • Which vendors are operating in the target market? 
  • How does cost of products / services provided by shortlisted vendors stack against each other? 
  • How reliable is the supply from the shortlisted vendors? 
  • What is the quality level of products / services provided by the vendors?
  • What measures does the vendor take to prioritize and improve end customer responsiveness? 
  • How stable is vendor’s supply chain to ensure uninterrupted supply?
  • How does the vendor comply with safety regulations and other legal norms? 
  • What is the reputation of the vendor in the market?
  • How does the vendor differentiate its operation from its competitors?
  • What operational bottlenecks can be anticipated while partnering with the vendor? 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Due Diligence of a B2B medical supplier to understand their procurement practices and potential across different product categories
  • Identify vendors for a large hospital chain for procurement of hospital supplies
  • Merchant behavior study for a store discovery platform
  • Mapping vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process for a dye manufacturer
  • Framework for vendor selection for HR services in consumer goods company
  • Supply side benchmarking and evaluation of 3PL logistics partners
  • Mapping the vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process
  • Understand impact on key business parameters for hotel owners working with hospitality platform
  • Understanding the procurement practices of used car suppliers and accordingly select vendor for used cars
  • Vendor selection for a B2B medical supplier by understanding the procurement practices

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