Rapid Due Diligence

  • How does the competitive landscape of a market look like? 
  • Who are the major / emerging players in the market? 
  • What is the value proposition of various players? 
  • What is the CAC and LTV of target? Are they above / below industry standards?  
  • What is the customer NPS? What are customers saying about the players? 
  • What is the competitive differentiation and growth strategy of the players? 
  • How do players compare on critical factors like unit economics? 
  • What is the likelihood of the success of players? Who will emerge as a winner? 
  • In how much time can the target achieve scale in their business?  


Relevant Case Studies

  • Due Diligence of a B2B medical supplier to understand their procurement practices and potential across different product categories
  • Due diligence on a fast-growing EdTech player in India
  • Screening and diligence of a CRM player
  • Rapid due diligence on an app-based two-wheeler rental player
  • Due diligence on a small equipment manufacturer in the capital goods segment
  • Rapid due diligence of an AgriTech firm
  • Track to gather feedback for a major online BPC player in the grooming market

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