Impact Assessment

  • How many jobs are created directly or indirectly through the business?
  • Is it creating some degree of formalization in a pre-dominantly informal sector?
  • What is the share of employment generated for the women, people belonging to rural and underprivileged sector?
  • What is the average income growth generated due to the formalization in the sector?
  • Who are the customers? Does the value chain involve or impact SMBs and MSMEs?
  • Does the business save cost by tech utilization? How much of the savings in cost are transferred to the end customers?

Relevant Case Studies

  • Promote use of clean drinking water
  • Conducting an impact assessment study of knowledge videos launched by Agri solutions platform
  • Enabling a leading bank to improve financial outcomes for its LIG customers
  • Assessing ESG compliance and performance for an impact investing fund’s portfolio companies

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