Concept Validation

  • What are the key improvements in the new features over the existing product? 
  • What is the marketing and business goals of the new launch, e.g. acquire new customers, up-sell/ cross-sell, enter new markets, etc.? 
  • How should we set the price for the new features/ value proposition? 
  • How can we differentiate from competition with the new/ improved features? 
  • How can we get customer feedback on proposed new product launches? 
  • What is the ideal methodology for testing new product concepts? What should be the sampling plan?
  • How can we get insights on customer preferences on the features and overall product concept pre-launch? 
  • What is the optimal beta launch design for a proposed product? 

Relevant Case Studies

  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software for hospitals / medical centers to effectively manage procurement needs
  • Conducting training program for pilot initiative in educational content development
  • Concept validation of Human Resource Management System for corporates to meet their existing needs
  • Concept validation for new distribution channel
  • Concept validation for new product launch by digital lender
  • Concept validation of a cloud-based offering by leading IT services player
  • Digital audit of a leading FMCG company
  • Identifying investment patterns of customers
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software

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