• Product benchmarking

    A global credit cards leader used our services to benchmark features across categories for different credit card providers

  • Competitor intelligence

    A leading media company used our competitor intelligence toolkit to detail listing and transmission / up linking details of TV channels

  • Channel intelligence

    A financial services firm used us to conduct >50 primary interviews with DSAs and loan officers to understand channel preferences

  • Product benchmarking & brand analysis

    For a large healthcare provider, we conducted product benchmarking and social media sentiment analysis for players across the industry

  • Technology diagnostic

    A technology major used our capabilities to to prepare a compendium of emerging technology trends affecting it's businesses

  • Organization benchmarking

    A global IT company leveraged our expertise to conduct a detailed organization benchmarking study covering structures, roles, compensation

  • Market segmentation

    A digital video provider hired us to conduct a detailed segmentation and review analysis on videos of several Youtube channels

  • Vendor screening

    A large Indian conglomerate hired us to create a list of potential analytics partners and do a preliminary round of screening.

  • Sector scan

    We conducted market sizing, segmentation and growth potential of a specific product segment for a large investment firm

  • Sector scan

    A global PE investor leveraged us to evaluate investment trends in India in a priority sector

PGA Research Labs

Our best in breed teams perform the highest quality of business research and analysis

PGA Digital Labs

We develop the most sophisticated business apps and websites across platforms and technologies. Our services include wireframing, mobile prototyping, app development, UI/UX concept testing, systems integration, social media engagement and listening.

PGA Training Labs

At PGA training labs, our network of over 100 trainers deliver 250+ trainings in a diverse range of topics where corporates face skill shortage.

We are highly differentiated in the way that:

  • Our trainings are linked to actual performance improvement metrics which we will track at your organization
  • Our training material and curriculums are "future ready" and train for the coming waves of disruption
  • We have a wide network of best in class trainers

We provide corporate trainings in six broad segments:

  • Individual skill building (e.g., international sales, B2B sales, communication, negotiation, data driven decision making, time management etc.)
  • Leadership and management (e.g., situational leadership, EQ, conflict management, motivating workforce, developing other people etc.)
  • Technology skills (e.g., web and data security, AI, machine learning, design thinking, advanced analytics, big data etc.)
  • Personal mentoring and coaching (e.g., role change support, deal support, etc.)
  • Team building & engagement (e.g., teamwork, employee engagement, treks / visits, business culture, etc.)
  • Thematic programs (e.g., rural immersion, digital immersion, healthy @ work etc.)

SegmentTraining modules
Individual skill building Advanced tools - excel, PowerPoint etc
Individual skill building B2B sales
Individual skill building Business Concepts
Individual skill building Business culture (for different countries)
Individual skill building Doing international business
Individual skill building Effectiveness in meetings
Individual skill building Financial concepts
Individual skill building Financial planning
Individual skill building HNW Sales
Individual skill building Negotiation tactics
Individual skill building Presenting effectively
Individual skill building Problem solving
Individual skill building Retail / store sales
Individual skill building Time management
Individual skill building Written communication effectiveness
Leadership & management Assessing performance
Leadership & management Building client orientation
Leadership & management Collaborating across functions
Leadership & management Conflict management
Leadership & management Data driven decision making
Leadership & management Developing other people
Leadership & management Getting the best out of performance reviews
Leadership & management Leading by example
Leadership & management MBTI
Leadership & management Meeting facilitation
Leadership & management Project management
Leadership & management Situational leadership
Leadership & management Supervisor trainings
Leadership & management Team management
Leadership & management Writing performance reviews
Mentoring & Coaching Career management
Mentoring & Coaching Operating model development
Mentoring & Coaching Personal leadership
Mentoring & Coaching Deal support
Mentoring & Coaching Personal productivity
Mentoring & Coaching Role transition
Soft skills & employee engagement Behavioral change & habits
Soft skills & employee engagement Brainstorming and idea generation
Soft skills & employee engagement Creativity
Soft skills & employee engagement Personal ambition and realization of goals
Soft skills & employee engagement Superior / upward management
Soft skills & employee engagement Teamwork
Thematic programs Best practice treks/ industry visits
Thematic programs Continuous improvement
Thematic programs Design thinking
Thematic programs Digital immersion programs
Thematic programs Leadership talks on random topics
Thematic programs Personal well being
Thematic programs Quality as a culture
Thematic programs Rural immersion programs
Thematic programs Staying healthy at work
Thematic programs Using technology for personal productivity
Thematic programs Women as leaders
Digital and technology Advanced analytics & big data
Digital and technology Cybersecurity
Digital and technology Product development
Digital and technology Social media and online marketing
Digital and technology UI/UX
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